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AL Baldasaro
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« on: February 27, 2011, 12:10:24 PM »

Dear Editor,
Calling on all Tax Payers, on March 8th, you will have the opportunity to exercise your Constitutional Right to VOTE. It is very important that we ensure we vote in Fiscal Conservatives on the School Board and Town Council who will look out for you the Tax Payer.

We are fortunate to live in a great town, with good schools and an Awesome Band and Sports Program that is Second to None.  We must also stay within our means. When it comes to taxes, many residents want a stable tax rate so we can live within our means to maintain our quality of life that many have worked hard for. We all know we will support our schools, but we also know if taxes keep going up, many cannot afford to stay in Londonderry to enjoy the schools; just look at all the foreclosures. More foreclosures will lower your property values!

You will get to vote on Article 2, to adopt a SB2 form of government, which is, "Shall the municipality approve the charter amendments to adopt the official ballot budgetary town meeting, by amending various sections of the charter".  This is a win-win for the Tax Payers because you all get to vote on the budgetary items on the ballot, Veterans & residents who are out of town will get to vote absentee on budgetary issues affecting their wallets, not just the 200 people who show up at the Town meetings who are controlling the spending for all. By voting YES on Article 2, you will be helping protect our troops who are serving our country to allow them to vote on budgetary items by an absentee ballot!

I will be voting for what I believe to be the best choices to serve to ensure that our Elected Officials are looking out not only just for the Schools or the Town but also for you the Tax Payer. I would hope that you will join me in casting our vote for 2 Fiscal Conservatives running for Town Council, Joe Green and Tom Freda, who both have been on the Budget Committee fighting to maintain a Stable Tax Rate for all to live with. Their volunteerism is beyond the call of duty in our Town and we need them looking out for us.

The School Board has 4 people running and competition is keen! I will be supporting a Candidate who will question the budgetary line items on need versus “nice to have” and one who will stand up to the State/Federal Unfunded mandates that affect our bottom line. That is why I am supporting Glenn Douglas for School Board. He has continued for many years asking those tough budgetary question when it comes to how the Town will spend the hard earned money that you pay on your property taxes.

Tax Payers, many of you who have not received any pay raises and some took a loss in pay to maintain a job and many have been laid off, do you think it is time to say enough is enough?

Please join me at the polls on March 8th, in casting our vote for Fiscal Responsibility by voting for School Board Candidate Glenn Douglas and Town Council Candidates, Tom Freda and Joe Green. This way we will know there is someone who will look out for us, THE TAX PAYER.

Thank You,

AL Baldasaro, State Representative
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