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Author Topic: The Largest Tax Increase In Londonderry History!  (Read 927 times)
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« on: February 06, 2011, 11:02:27 AM »

The largest tax increase in Londonderry history, is that the plan?

Yesterday morning I and the three other School Board candidates filmed "It's Your Choice hosted by Mary Wing Soares. A number of topics were discussed and the result was good discussion. Unfortunately due to town rules the show cannot be broadcast until after the Deliberative Session.

At he end of the show the subject of the Deliberative Session and current law suit came up. I had asked the School Board in September what Plan B was to avoid a legal fiasco at or shortly after the Deliberative. I do not believe that question has been answered due to the School Board fighting the law suit instead of asking for an expedited legals opinion.

As the show closed it was suggested that it could be possible for 500 people in attendance to amend the School Budget. If the amendment was not acceptable to the voters in March the voters could vote for the default budget which is considerably higher than the current School Board recommended budget.

That's where the largest tax increase in Londonderry history came from. I believe John Robinson was the first to mention this. Mary Soares followed up John's comment with something to the effect of maybe that was the plan referring to the reason the law suit had been filed. Since we were out of time none of the candidates were able to respond to those comments. The show ended.

My response.

Does anyone who knows Al Baldasaro, Sean O'Keefe or Brain Farmer seriously think that they would file a law suite to increase the taxes in Londdonderry? As far as the largest tax increase in history. I've only lived in town since 1996. I've heard in years gone by he tax rate was far less stable than it is today. I don't know if voting in the default would be the largest increase. What I do know is it's time to stop the rhetoric address the fact and have a discussion.

There have been emails going out begging people to attend the Deliberative Session to 'stop the law suit' and stop the 'special interest' group. It sad that this year faced with greater citizen participation that some people in the community resort to the scare tactics that they themselves have denounced in the past.

Some may claim this is 'blind-siding' or going negative, but as recently as last night I've heard of more mis-information being circulated regarding the qourum. I just want the facts out there discussed in public.

You comments?

Glenn Douglas
Candidate for School Board.

Glenn Douglas
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