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Author Topic: Public Input on Town Budget - 1/3/2011  (Read 923 times)
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« on: December 16, 2010, 11:33:19 PM »

From the Town Manager:


Notice is hereby given that the Londonderry Town Council will receive public input on the proposed FY12 Town Budget on Monday, January 3, 2011 beginning at 7:00 PM in the Moose Hill Conference Room, Town Hall, 268B Mammoth Road, Londonderry, N. H.
The budget under consideration includes:

         Current      Proposed
General Operating Budget   FY 11      FY 12

Town Council                    $12,739               $12,104   
Town Manager                  379,194                379,160
Moderator                        300                      300   
Budget Committee             50                        1   
Conservation Comm           3,476                    3,300
Town Clerk                      500,655                 463,637
Supervisors –Checklist       17,039                   17,314
Finance & Administration    604,745                 601,338
Assessing                        391,830                 362,475
IT                                  336,660                 312,275
Legal                              110,000                 104,500
Zoning                            41,271                   40,777
General Government          447,676                 418,249
Cemetery                           34,710                  32,974
Insurance                        225,440                234,006
Planning & E.D.                 474,564                435,446
Police Dept.                     6,853,207              7,205,197   
Fire Dept.                        5,624,253              5,156,819
Building Dept.                   269,508                395,996
Public Works Dept.            3,260,101              3,135,841
Solid Waste                     1,844,556              1,899,790
General Assistance            200,480                169,680
Family Mediation               27,834                  -
Recreation                       143,815                128,549
Library                            1,304,304              1,271,082
Senior Affairs                   54,085                  53,668
Debt Service                    2,820,751              2,863,397
Total – Operating Budget   $25,983,243           $25,697,875

Special Revenue Funds
Sewer Division                 $ 2,690,526            $ 2,684,758
Cable Division                    376,753                301,491
Police Outside Detals         447,183                 465,315

Expendable Maintenance Trust 200,000            200,000
Capital Reserve Funds             325,000          325,000
Master Plan Non-Capital Reserve                     50,000

Londonderry Town Council

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Glenn Douglas
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2010, 01:18:10 PM »

Town Manager's Memo on Budget:

TO: Town Council
Budget Committee
FROM: Dave Caron, Town Manager
RE: FY12 Budget
DATE: December 28, 2010

The Town Council is scheduled to take public comment Monday night at the first hearing
on the proposed FY12 Budget. The proposed General Fund (operating) budget is presented at
$25,697,875, which is $285,368 less than the approved FY11 General Fund budget. The Council
should also take public comment on the Special Revenue Funds (Cable, Sewer and Police
Details), Expendable Maintenance Trust, Capital Reserve Funds and the Master Plan Non-Capital
Reserve Fund.

There a couple of adjustments recommended for Council consideration. First, the Town
has been notified that the Highway Block Grant as administered by NHDOT projects an increase
of $17,036 in FY12 grant funds, to $606,632. This adjustment does not impact the proposed
General Fund budget, but does reduce the budget’s reliance upon property taxes by $17,036.

The second adjustment impacts the General Fund and specifically the Recreation
Division budget. As briefly discussed at the Council’s December 6 meeting, there was an error
transcribing the recreation budget into the General Fund budget. The recreation budget should
be $136,624, and adjustment of $8,075, which brings the recommended General Fund budget
to $25,705,950.

The final adjustment impacts the Sewer Division Special Revenue Fund. Staff has been
presenting economic development updates to the Council on a monthly basis throughout the
year, including efforts to secure outside funding for the Pettengill Road project. The Town
currently has an application pending with the US Economic Development Administration for a
50/50 matching grant to fund the sewer extension portion of the project. If successful, the
Town would receive 50% of the project cost.

The Town’s 50% share would be funded through its Sewer Special Revenue Fund; the
$1.895M would be withdrawn from the Fund’s Undesignated Fund Balance. The original
financing plan for Pettengill projected a large bond which would pay for both sewer and road
improvements, with the sewer portion offset to a great degree by sewer impact fees. Should
the Town be successful with this application, then ultimately I envision a smaller bond to
address the roadwork. Sewer impact fees assessed upon future development would be used to
replenish the Sewer SRF.

The Sewer SRF for FY12 should include the Town’s 50% share, therefore the
appropriation should be increased to $4,579,758; this action is not anticipated to impact sewer

I am anticipating receipt of information from the Dispatch Committee late this week,
after which I will send a memo to the Council and Budget Committee over the weekend.

Memo contained in the Town Council information packet HERE

Glenn Douglas
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« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2011, 05:23:52 AM »

First Public Hearing on the Town Budget Tonight.

Glenn Douglas
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