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Author Topic: Meeting Minutes, Charter Commission - 10/26/2010  (Read 772 times)
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Charter Commission Meeting Minutes - Draft.
October 26, 2010

Meeting was held in the Moose Hill Council Chambers. 268B Mammoth Road, Londonderry.

In Attendance:
Chairman Brian Farmer, Vice-Chair Cris Navarro (late), Secretary Lara McIntyre, Commissioners Al Baldasaro, Marty Bove, Chris Paul, Deb Paul, Kathy Wagner, Steve Young

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Farmer at 7:07pm.  Chairman Farmer led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for the men & women who proudly serve in uniform here and overseas.

Approval of Minutes
Commissioner Bove makes a motion to approve the minutes from August 23, 2010.  Motion is seconded by Commissioner Baldasaro.  Motion passes, 6-0-2 (abstentions).

Charter Commission Discussion

Chairman Farmer reads letter from Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan that says that the N.H. Department of Justice, the Secretary of State’s Office and the Department of Revenue Administration approve of the proposed amendment to the existing town charter.

Chairman Farmer then asks if there are any changes or comments about the report before the Commission sends the final draft.  Commissioner Baldasaro mentions that he was not impressed with the minority report, stating that it “has no substance or meat to it.”  Commissioner Bove says that the minority did not intend to write the report for Commissioner Baldasaro, but for the voters.  Commissioner Chris Paul asks why there was so much focus on the quorum, when he thought the issue was not supposed to be discussed anymore.  Commissioner Wagner points out that the report was like having a Supreme Court decision, that there is a majority report, which states why they decided the way they did and then the same for the minority report. 

Commissioner Young says that it was difficult to write the report given the 1000 word limit, and would have preferred to have 2000 words.  The minority had to do a lot of cut and pasting to keep within the limit, and therefore their message wasn’t exactly what they hoped it could be.  Discussion continues about the minority report, wondering who put the limit of 1000 words.  It is believed that it was part of the original paperwork received by the Charter Commission, that the limit is imposed by RSA statutes.

Those in the minority decide that no changes need to be made to their report.

Commissioner Chris Paul points out that he was disappointed that he didn’t have a say in the minority report and that members did not have a chance to see it before the deadline of August 26, 2010.  Commissioner Baldasaro agrees, saying that his name went on the report, but he did not get to view the entire report before it went up to the state.  He says for the future, if there is a minority report, it would be courteous to share the report with the other members out of respect for them so they can see the entire report before it is sent.

Commissioner Baldasaro makes a motion to approve the report as written.  Motion is seconded by Commissioner Chris Paul.  Motion approved, 8-0.

Other Business
(Vice-Chair Navarro arrives at 7:35pm).


Commissioner Baldasaro makes motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Bove.  Commissioner Baldasaro then withdraws his motion.

Vice Chair Navarro says that she thinks the report is fine as written.

Commissioner Baldasaro makes motion to reconsider the final draft of the Charter Commission.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Bove.  Motion approved, 9-0.

Commissioner Baldasaro makes motion to approve the final draft of the Charter Commission as written.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Bove.  Motion approved, 9-0.

Commissioner Bove makes motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Baldasaro.  Motion approved, 9-0.

Chairman Farmer thanks everyone for serving on the Charter Commission.

Next Meeting Date:


Glenn Douglas
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