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Author Topic: Meeting Minutes, Charter Commission - 3/29/2010  (Read 1043 times)
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« on: March 31, 2010, 08:00:44 PM »

From the Town Website

Charter Commission Meeting Minutes
March 29, 2010

Meeting was held in the Moose Hill Council Chambers. 268B Mammoth Road, Londonderry.

In Attendance:
Brian Farmer, Lara McIntyre, Cris Navarro, Chris Paul, Deb Paul, Kathy Wagner, Steve Young

Al Baldasaro, Marty Bove

Meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance by Town Clerk Meg Seymour at
7:09pm. Meg asked for nominations of officers.

Deb Paul nominated Brian Farmer to serve as Chair of the Charter Commission. Motion was
seconded by Lara McIntyre. Brian Farmer accepted the nomination. Motion passed 7-0.
Deb Paul nominated Cris Navarro to serve as Vice-Chair of the Charter Commission. Motion
was seconded by Chris Paul. Cris Navarro accepted the nomination. Motion passed 7-0.
Kris Navarro nominated Deb Paul to serve as Secretary of the Charter Commission. Deb Paul
declined the nomination. Motion failed.

Chris Paul nominated Lara McIntyre to serve as Secretary of the Commission. Motion was
seconded by Brian Farmer. Lara McIntyre accepted the nomination. Motion passed 7-0.
Chairman Farmer invited Town Counsel Bart Mayer to explain the Charter Commission’s role
and to answer any questions the Commission may have. Counsel Mayer congratulates
members of the Commission. Mayer said that the Charter Commission is now established for a
specific and limited purpose, which is to look into creating an official ballot system for the town.
The Charter Commission can determine what questions will be presented on the ballot, what
the date for the Deliberative Session will be and what the date of the voting session should be.
He says the Commission should look at the budgeting provisions for the charter to see if there is
enough money to implement the plans the Commission would like to have (look at sections 5.3
and 5.4 of the Charter). The Commission has two weeks until the first public hearing where
citizens will give their input. In the meantime, the Commission will need talk about how they
are going to structure the official ballot voting system. Counsel Mayer says that he will be
available for any questions to the Commission may have and will be reviewing the report that
the Commission makes.

Vice-Chair Navarro asks if we are limited to one hearing. Counsel Mayer said there is one
mandatory meeting within two weeks of this date, but you can have more. He says the
Commission will need work sessions also to deliberate what we want to do. The Counsel said
to look into RSA’s 13 & 14, which are “typical SB2” towns, which you can follow as a guide. The
Commission can decide what goes on the ballot beyond what is on it already (i.e. bond issues).

Chris Paul asks if you want more hearings, how do are they coordinated. Counsel Mayer says
you’ll have to coordinate timing, can post when they are going to be held, and coordinate
where & when the Commission would like to have them.

Chairman Farmer asks Meg Seymour if she has already scheduled the hearing on April 12th in
the Moose Hill Conference room. She says yes.

Steve Young makes a motion to have a public hearing on April 12th. Motion seconded by Kathy
Wagner. Motion passed 7-0.

Kathy Wagner makes a motion to adjourn. Motion not seconded. Motion failed.

Steve Young makes a motion to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Counsel Mayer advises not to
follow Robert’s Rules because people don’t know what they are because there are so many
versions out there, but understands the need to get some structure. Chairman Farmer says
there is a set of rules that are not as stringent as Robert’s Rules that may work. He will bring
them the next time. Motion not seconded. Motion failed.

Chairman Farmer asks the other members of the Commission if Monday nights are preferable.
Chris Paul asks if it can be decided at next meeting. Chairman Farmer says yes and that he will
look on the calendar to find out when the Moose Hill Conference Room is available.

Kathy Wagner makes a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Lara McIntyre. Motion to
adjourn passed 7-0 at 7:21pm.

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Glenn Douglas
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 08:15:06 PM »

Lara, nice job on the minutes.

Glenn Douglas
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