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Author Topic: DN - Candidates for District 3 state representative  (Read 805 times)
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« on: September 05, 2008, 05:45:01 PM »

from the Derry News www.DerryNewscom

Candidates for District 3 state representative
By Suzanne Laurent
September 05, 2008 12:21 pm

LONDONDERRY — There are 10 Republican candidates for nine seats in District 3 (Londonderry, Auburn). Vote for nine.

Each candidate was asked: Why should you be elected?

Clinton Bailey, Londonderry
Age: 22
Occupation: Graduate student, University of New Hampshire
Incumbent: No

"Live Free or Die." Those words are the foundation of what makes New Hampshire the greatest state in the union. It is the sum of everything we hold near and dear to our heart. Those four words will be the guiding light in every decision I will make as a state representative. I have always believed that it should be the duty of every elected official to consider and honor the people's freedoms in every vote and every decision they make. Why am I running to be state representative, to uphold our motto, Live Free or Die.

Al Baldasaro, Londonderry
Age: 51
Occupation: Retired Marine
Incumbent: Yes

I want to ensure New Hampshire stays a Live Free or Die state. I will protect quality of life. I do not support an income tax or a broad base tax. I will continue to fight the Democrats on bringing back parental notification and fight for the protection of our children from the child molesters. I support our First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights 100 percent of the time. I am a strong supporter of the Constitution and believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and the people of New Hampshire should vote up or down on a constitutional change. I will continue to push for smaller government and fight to keep government out of our pockets. I support less spending, which means less taxes. By you sending me back to Concord, it will ensure there is someone who is dedicated and will look out for your wallet.

Deirdre Marie Carson, Londonderry
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Incumbent: No

My interest in the state Legislature stems from my participation in local and national politics and my desire to serve my community. As a young conservative Republican I am interested in bringing another perspective to the Legislature. Over the next two years the Legislature is going to yet again struggle with resolving the education funding issue. Additionally, the tax structure to support whatever education funding solution is proposed is likely to impact the direction of New Hampshire's economy for the next two decades. I believe those who will be paying the bulk of those taxes need to be represented.

Dudley D. Dumaine, Auburn
Incumbent: Yes
(Did not reply by press time.)

Frank R. Emiro Jr., Londonderry
Age: 63
Occupation: Retired state and federal employee
Incumbent: Yes

I have kept my promises that I have run on — lower taxes, less spending. To keep promises and commitments to our seniors, veterans, and the less fortunate. Also see that any bills to ensure an adequate education are fair and workable in all school districts and fair to the taxpayers. Represent the voters and not special interest groups.

James Headd, Auburn
Age: 67
Occupation: Retired from U.S. Air Force and retired insurance broker
Incumbent: Yes

I would like to continue in service to my state. I'm against spending. I'm also against the development of new social programs that cost the state money. We need to get a total rein on the entire budget of the state. The Democrats every tax and fee known to man in the last biennium. They tried to tax milk, bottled water, sugar and candy bars. Fortunately, we were able to put the brakes on some of this. There is a tremendous hatred of George Bush that carried over into the local elections and the people of New Hampshire don't know what they did to themselves in respect to taxes and fees.

Robert Introne, Londonderry
Age: 66
Occupation: Retired military officer and private business leader
Incumbent: Yes

I am running for elected office to continue to bring to the New Hampshire state Legislature my experience, dedication, and proven track record in getting the job done. As a strong conservative for the past eight years in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, my goals are to balance the budget, foster a positive business climate, reduce spending while maintaining services to the people, champion family values, and return the New Hampshire advantages of low taxes, fiscal responsibility and integrity in government. I will continue to reject new income and sales taxes, work to resolve education issues, and return leadership to state government, while committing to common sense solutions for health care, economic growth, transportation and the environment.

Karen Keegan Hutchinson
Age: 62
Occupation: Real estate broker/small business proprietor as principal broker of Blue Eagle Realty
Incumbent: Yes

I am a guaranteed vote against an income tax; a guaranteed vote against a sales tax and a guaranteed vote against increases in existing taxes and fees. As a parent of four, grandmother, taxpayer and former School Board member, I fully understand the educational funding issue and pledge my continued support for local control and parent power. I am concerned that many school districts push drugging our children and filed a bill last year addressing the issue. While the Senate agreed that parents and their family physician should have the ultimate say, they did not extend that language into education law. I ask for the opportunity to return to the House so that I ensure that parents have the power to protect their children from mandatory drugging. I also plan to rekindle the fight against the 'view' tax, which was tabled last session.

Betsy McKinney, Londonderry
Age: 69
Occupation: Retired accountant
Incumbent: Yes

Experience. Served as chairman of the Fish and Game Committee, vice chairman of the Legislative and Administrative Committee.

Sherman Packard, Londonderry
Occupation: Small-business owner
Incumbent: Yes

I, as all Republicans, should be elected to prevent Democrats from passing another budget with a 17 1âÑ2 percent increase leaving the state with a huge deficit. I have consistently voted against the irresponsible increase in spending and dozens of fee increases over the past two years. I voted to protect our individual freedoms. Being a small business owner, I realize that we must not over regulate or over tax businesses. As a husband, father and grandfather I believe that we must maintain strong family values. It is evident that the current leadership is determined to pass a state income tax. I am vehemently opposed to a sales or income tax.
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