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Author Topic: FY07 Taxpayer White Paper Now Available  (Read 1157 times)
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Mike Brown
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« on: November 03, 2006, 05:22:51 PM »

Londonderry Budget Committee Announces Availability of the FY07 Taxpayer White Paper

The Londonderry Budget Committee is pleased to announce the availability of the updated Taxpayer White Paper for the fiscal year ending 2007. Prepared last year for the first time, the "white paper" is an interactive spreadsheet that allows any taxpayer to automatically calculate how their current tax bill is split out amongst the various town & school departments. In addition, the spreadsheet also calculates how much of a tax bill goes to bonded items such as the new Town Hall, new Police Station and Open Space for example.

It's the Budget Committee's hope that residents will find this to be a useful tool in assessing where their tax dollars are being applied in relation to the services & value they receive from the town & school district. The only information a taxpayer will need in order to use the spreadsheet is their latest home assessment. That information can be found on the latest tax bill sent to homes in November. It can also be found via the link to the Assessing Department webpage:

The budget committee would like to thank members John Silvestro & Adriana Komst for their efforts in preparing the updated FY07 Taxpayer White Paper. The FY06 & FY07 white papers can both be found on the Budget Committee web site at the following link:

Mike Brown
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« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2007, 10:56:56 PM »

So where does your tax money go? Example a 300,000 home in Londonderry FY07 would pay $5,484.00 in property tax.

Break-down by category:
County $258.30
State Education $729.00
Town $1,332.60
Schools $3,164.10

Taxes Paid to Town of Londonderry:
Town Council $0.82
Town Manager $21.46
Moderator $0.02
Budget Committee $0.01
Conservation $0.19
Town Clerk $23.94
Supervisors of the Checklist     $0.62
Finance $27.27
Assessing $24.34
Information Technology $22.69
Legal $8.27
Zoning $2.11
General Government $21.87
Cemetery $1.92
Insurance $8.88
Planning/Econ Development $22.37
Police $332.03
Fire $274.31
Building $18.62
Highway $170.76
Solid Waste $113.38
Welfare $13.03
Family Mediation $1.45
Recreation $7.10
Library $64.68
Senior Affairs $3.17
Sewer Bonds $27.34
Refinanced Bonds Library, Auburn Rd $34.61
2002 Bond, Open Space, Rte 128 Traffic light $-   
West Road Recreation $11.29
Open Space 2004 $7.03
Open Space 2005 $4.85
Multi Purpose Bond 2003, Police Station $-   
Hall, Open Space $62.20
Total Town Portion of Tax Bill $1,332.60

Taxes Paid to Londonderry School District
Regular Education Teacher Salaries $1,053.60
Special Education Teacher Salaries $390.46
Gifted and Talented $21.11
Vocational Programs and other SP programs $13.92
Co curricular and Athletics $41.49
Adult education $0.80
Guidance and social services    $77.61
Nursing, Psych and Therapy services $110.03
Instruction improvement $25.39
Media services/libraries $59.55
School Board $2.61
Legal and Audit services $4.21
Superintendent's Office $21.46
Principal's Offices $110.23
Graduation $0.77
Business office support services $27.80
Building Grounds maint and support $237.59
Community support services   $2.64
Transportation $135.27
Central computer services $32.87
Employee Benef/ Health, Dental, Retirement $644.94
Bond, principal and interest payments    $134.35
Lease Payments $15.40
Total School Portion of Tax Bill $3,164.10

Glenn Douglas
Mike Brown
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« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2007, 10:24:45 AM »

The summary below for a $350K assessed home may help taxpayers better understand where the "majority" of their tax bill goes from a Town & School budget perspective.  Quite clearly, employees & associated benefits for public safety & teaching make up the largest percentage of each of these respective budgets on an annual basis:

Taxpayer White Paper FY07 Impact Summary:

$350,000 Home Example

Town Impact FY07

* 45.5% ($707.40) of the town tax bill goes to fund police & fire
* 12.8% ($199.23) of the town tax bill goes to fund highway
* 8.5% ($132.28) of the town tax bill goes to fund solid waste
* 4.9% ($75.46) of the town tax bill goes to fund the library
* 4.7% ($72.56) of the town tax bill goes to fund bond for Town Hall, Police Station & $4M Open Space

These top 5 town budget items represent 76.3% ($1186.93) of the total town tax bill of $1554.70 on a $350K home for FY07

$350,000 Home Example

School Impact FY07

* 45.6% ($1684.73) of the local school tax bill goes to fund regular & special education teacher salaries
* 20.4% ($752.43) of the local school tax bill goes to fund employee benefits/retirement
* 7.5% ($277.19) of the local school tax bill goes to fund building grounds & maintenance
* 4.3% ($157.82) of the local school tax bill goes to fund transportation
* 4.2% ($156.75) of the local school tax bill goes to fund principal & interest on bonds

These top 5 school budget items represent 82.1% ($3028.92) of the total local school tax bill of $3691.45 on a $350K home for FY07

Overall Summary: The top 10 categories above represent 80.1% ($4215.85) of the combined town & local school portion of the tax bill of $5246.15 on a $350K home for FY07.  The total tax bill for this $350K home is $6398 when adding in the county & state portion.

Mike Brown
Budget Committee Member

Mike Brown
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