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: Camping/Homeless/Overnight Car Sleeping in Kendall Pond Conservation Area
: yogi666wmx June 25, 2014, 07:53:09 AM
Currently dealing with overnight campers/homeless/overnight car sleepers in the Kendall Pond Conservation Area. The police have indicated in the past there is nothing they can do as 'camping' is not illegal there. The Conservation Committee said camping is by 'prior permission' only for non-profit groups and promised to put up a sign indicating the park was closed from 10p-5a in the parking lot. This never happened. Have revisted the situation with the Conservation Committee and a sign is 'promised' again.  Why is this town loathe to police the Kendall Pond Conservation Area?  Some pics here of campers this week    They are having campfires (probably don't have a permit), leaving toilet tissue strewn about around the picnic table and its generally quite unsanitary to have overnight camping in area with no facilities.  Word might get out its a grand place to 'camp' and we'll have a homeless encampment before long. 

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