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: 'Real Names' Rules Suspended
: GDouglas April 04, 2014, 01:03:18 PM
I've had a number of people point out that discussion on the forum has dropped to almost nothing. So I'm considering going back to the 'old forum rules' where people could post using real name or an alias.

As a test I'm suspending the 'real name only' rules effective immediately. All users will have access to post in the public and members only forum.

: Re: 'Real Names' Rules Suspended
: GBaker April 06, 2014, 08:01:07 PM
I don't know if it's the names or just general apathy that has impacted this forum.  Certainly in my case, it's been total apathy regarding involvement with the town.  :-[   Not once (well, maybe exactly once) has anything I've ever voted for passed.  After 10 years, I began to ask myself why I cared what the warrants were, or what the budget was, or who was on council, or who was getting an easement, or which developer was being given special considerations.  Turned out that after much introspection, I realized that the only impact my decade of concern and keeping up with local politics had had, was that I was growing increasingly bitter, and reading local decisions generally caused nothing but internal turmoil.
No matter what I think say or do, the same decisions will be made, taxes will increase, the roads will get plowed, the police force will get new toys, and life will go on.  Turns out that any kind of involvement, even just minor discourse, such as on this forum, is just a loss to my increasingly precious non-working/commuting time. So an intense apathy towards all things political has set in.

Given that nobody is active on TU any more except Glenn, can it be that my situation is not unique? 

Life in this decade of the 21st century is demanding and fast paced, and we've become increasingly busy with the effort to simply tread water, in virtually all aspects of life.
Personally, I've found that over the last few years, by the time I'm done with commuting, working, cutting grass, or shoveling snow, I'm asleep in bed.  (and often dreaming about moving....)

So long TU, adios Londonderry :-(

: Re: 'Real Names' Rules Suspended
: Martin Srugis April 07, 2014, 09:25:07 AM
You got a point GBaker. I too have felt this way in the last year. After several years of being "involved" it doesn't seem to matter.
But look at the last election, very few went to the polls. The same people are on the same boards forever.
You are called hostile if you disagree with the going trend. This has happened to me several times by the "insiders!"
Neither side is of any help. Not sure what the answer to this problem is. 

: Re: 'Real Names' Rules Suspended
: GDouglas April 07, 2014, 12:55:44 PM
It may be time for the TU to take a break from the world of Londonderry politics for the reason listed by GBaker and Marty.

When it comes down to it the 'Insiders' don't take well to residents that have a different opinion.

Just one more note, even though I have opened this site to posting using an alias. This site does not allow, and never has allowed, completely anonymous posting.

Hosting a completely anonymous website is reserved for the Politicians of Londonderry.

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